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Thursday, April 30, 2015

You are Invited - Meet Dr. Goldstein Live and Learn The Value of Holding Rare Coins - Trust Implementation & Utilization 101

Who is Dr. Goldstein and how can he help us?

On Sept 24th, 2013 James Rickards, senior managing director of Tangent Capital and author of the recent best seller Currency Wars and The Death of Money, commented about the current monetary system saying...

"When the international monetary system collapses and it comes time to rewrite the rules of the game and create a new system...[Its] going to be [all about] how much gold you have."
Raymond E. Lombra, Professor of Economics at Penn State University, conducted a study that confirmed that rare coins produce a higher investment return and are an all-around better hedge than bullion. This study, presented to the Joint Committee on Taxation of the House and Senate, served as the foundation that would provide inclusion of gold in Individual Retirement Accounts, which was then passed by Congress. The study covered a 33-year period and the conclusions were astonishing...

After 10 years of general practice, Dr. Fred Goldstein changed careers and spent the next 25 years as a senior broker with the national precious metal company in Arizona. Meet Dr. Goldstein and learn why he prefers tangible assets like circulated coins, and how Dr. Goldstein can help US!


Learn how to implement and properly utilize the most powerful asset protection system available anywhere today, that allows you to protect your wealth for your family and your grandchildren…for 1000 years!

eBook Just Released “Making The Case For Asset Protection” which is available free of charge and without any obligation by going to the OUTPOST PROVISIONING LLC intranet site at https://sites.google.com/site/outpostprovisioningintranet/ and click on Presentations where the eBook is available in a PDF.

FRIDAY | MAY 1st | 7:30 PM EST
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Abadi’s Assistant announces rejecting the US Congress Law

 Deputy Prime Minister , Bahaa al-Araji rejected on Wednesday, the intention of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Congress to vote on a law stipulates dealing with Peshmerga and Sunnis forces as states in Iraq. .
Al-Araji said in a press conference today that "the notorious project submitted by America must not be passed ", calling for the need to preserve the Iraqi state , its security and stability and remain unified “.

He said it is intended for Iraq to be an arena for conflict between the poles of two states in the region and that must not be done.

Araji added that Iraqis are the ones to decide the fate of the country as well as the government and the parliament, we reject any interference that affects the sovereignty of the country from any party

Friday, April 24, 2015

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“The Secret to Success is to Own Nothing...But Control Everything” Nelson Rockefeller

The "BIG #3" Risks That Americans Face Every Day…
Then, after your dead, the blood-suckers take one more whack with…the “Death Tax!”

Welcome to America!

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International Monetary Fund to provide financial aid to Iraq

(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad

The Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will provide emergency financial aid to Iraq to help through the current financial crisis.

The Ministry said in a statement received by IraqiNews.com “The International Monetary Fund agreed during detailed and technical discussions that took place on Monday to help Iraq get through the current financial crisis by providing emergency financial aid.”

The Ministry added, “The agreement comes within the government and Ministry of Finance’s plans to reduce public expenditure.”

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chatter that Matters- A Tax-Deferred Strategy to Escape Instability and Volatility.

A Tax-Deferred Strategy to Escape Instability and Volatility.

By now you probably agree that it would be potentially lucrative to invest overseas, but to do so as a U.S. citizen is particularly difficult because you cannot do so without an offshore structure and all that comes with it…Huge penalty risk and costs for compliance with FATCA and added scrutiny and targeting for audit for starters.

The Deferred Variable Annuity "DVA" is the solution that avoids 90% of the penalty risk and compliance costs associated with FATCA, and provide access to global investment opportunities WITH…

•    Privacy Protection
•    Asset Protection
•    Investor Protection
•    Tax Planning
•    Integration with Existing Asset Protection Structures
•    Flexibility

While the U.S. markets have rebounded, we are not out of the woods. Until the Fed finally makes its first rate hike, instability and volatility.

If you have a traditional investment account-and you're searching for something better-ask yourself if what you are considering is giving you tax-deferred growth? Does it give you easy access to global markets and multiple currencies?

A foreign deferred variable annuity, or DVA, is an insurance policy that allows you to invest and grow your money, tax-deferred, until you elect to receive payments. But unlike its American relative, a foreign DVA allows you to invest and protect your money abroad with no negative tax consequences during the term of your policy.

With all the current tax reporting requirements for foreign accounts, the foreign DVA is convenient because it gives you a way to participate in the international equities market and benefit from U.S. tax-deferral on the growth of these investments.

A foreign DVA allows your money to invest in literally anything from currencies, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities...to alternative investments like hedge funds and managed futures.

You can't get all that in an American DVA.

Plus, you can get a nice bump in income when you reinvest the tax-deferred growth and the savings to compound over the course of, say, 5 or 10 years.

Of course, you'll have to pay taxes once you take a distribution, but it will be less than if you paid them over the long term.

And while it’s hard to guess what the future U.S. income tax rates will be, the strategy here is that when we are older, we may be in a lower tax bracket because our active income is at a much lower level.

An Extra Layer of Wealth Protection

Plus, there is another benefit. Unlike your traditional investment account, which would be an easy target if you become the victim of a lawsuit, the DVA offers a great shield.

In the United Sates, where 16 million lawsuits are filed every year - or one new lawsuit every two seconds-anyone one with wealth is a target.  With some customization, it is possible for your policy to be "judgment proof." Creditors will not be able to attack the contract and you cannot be forced to assign the future benefits of your policy to a creditor...especially when it is combined with your Wyoming Trust Strategy.

So, What is an Annuity?

Simply stated, an annuity is a financial product sold by insurance companies that allows you to put aside money, have it increase each year without paying taxes, and then trigger a stream of future payments on a timetable you may control. Those payments are taxed as ordinary income. Unlike IRAs, there is no income limitation on how much you can place in an annuity.

Variable annuities are designed to let investors participate in the stock market and still enjoy the tax-deferred, insurance, and lifetime income benefits of an annuity.

Please don't get confused by the terminology "insurance contract". From a tax point of view it is a variable annuity. Over here all contracts (annuities and insurance) are contracts with an insurance company and therefore referred to as insurance contact.

You the Trust Settlor can be the policy holder with the Trust as beneficiary OR the Trust can be the Policy Holder with a 2nd trust as beneficiary.

Is it safe in Switzerland?
Not a single insurer has ever failed during the entire history of the insurance sector…more than 160 years.

Asset protection….

The investments are owned by the insurer and cannot be seized by your creditors and cannot not be included in a bankruptcy proceeding AND

If the policy holder is not your Wyoming trust but you and YOU declare BK, the spouse (if not in BK) and the beneficiaries automatically replace the policy holder/YOU


The insurer operates under insurance secrecy laws and can only release information under court order for a criminal investigation.

Annual ROI…


Estimated Fees?

5% to establish and 1% annually OVER $30 million 0.25% to establish and 0.25% annually

Tax Reporting…

Form 8938 with tax return (Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets)

Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) FinCEN form 114 on or before June 30th

"The Deferred Variable Annuity is currently the only "Offshore" investment vehicle that we recommend for our clients" and our Switzerland-based partner is one the leading financial service companies specializing in DVA’s.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Obama's Proposed 68% Death Tax Would Be Highest In World

Under the President’s proposal, the estate tax would balloon. Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation calculates that by eliminating basis step up, we would end up with the world’s highest estate tax rate. Dick Patten, chairman of the Family Business Defense Council calculates an effective death tax rate of 57%. If you add in state inheritance taxes, the combined tax rate could go as high as 68%.

Accounting firm Ernst & Young tracks estate taxes in 38 industrialized countries, finding that only Belgium is higher at 80%.

Any wealth placed into an irrevocable trust, however, is not considered part of the deceased person’s estate. In other words, money placed into an irrevocable trust will not be taxed upon death.

Mitt Romney's complex estate plan is a model of efficient wealth planning.

With an estimated net worth of $250 million, Romney has a variety of trusts related to his business, Bain Capital, and his family that may allow him to escape the 35 percent estate tax rate on many of his assets valued above the current tax exemption of $5.12 million.

How? Romney removes assets from his estate through the use of irrevocable trusts that provide him with income while leaving most of his wealth and its appreciation to heirs tax-free after his and his wife's deaths.