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OIW TRUST ASSOCIATES LLC is registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State of Wyoming as a Commercial Registered Agent and is regarded as a leading organizer of Unregulated Single Family Private Trust Companies by the Wyoming Division of Banking.

Protecting assets and advancing personal and business ventures since the early 80's. Lineage traces back to its founders beginnings in the Caribbean where he lived for over 25 years providing fiduciary services as Asst. Managing Director with BVI-based West Indies Group Limited in the early 80's.

Today, the Company is an outward reflection of the many inward strengths and synergies that make up the  consolidation and evolution of Caribbean and international ventures and holdings, colleagues and clients under OIW TRUST ASSOCIATES LLC.

The organization has grown continually from repatriation to the U.S. with the founding of Sovereign Holdings Group Trust, and further expansion with Outpost Provisioning LLC, and Sovereign Global Ventures Trust/SGVT Single Family Private Trust Company, RLLP. The organization operates on a global footprint with a presence in Amman, Jordan and Iraq through Diligent Outcome Partners Ltd.

OIW is a Limitless Company...All of Us Always Limitless!
  • Limitless Values
  • Enthusiasm for the customer as 1st beneficiary. Client interests come first-always
  • Acting with unyielding trust, professionalism, discretion and integrity
  • Intolerance of bureaucracy…Respectfully
  • Insisting on excellence without compromise
  • Living infectiously in thought for finding a better way...
Continuous innovation requires the personal energy of everyone in the organization to create an atmosphere of Entrepreneurism by challenging the status quo, an entire team and global network of like-minded professionals with the ability to consistently Execute…people who share a common approach of unconventional thinking and creativity applied in new ways to achieve a particular underlying purpose and desired result, beyond expectations!"

"These values haven't changed since our journey began in the Caribbean over 30 + years ago and that's what makes us successful."
Bison Herd #1 Holdings Trust


The earliest ventures began in the asset protection business in the early 80’s in the Capital City of the British Virgin Islands, Road Town, Tortola. It being the preferred jurisdiction for corporate and trust formation, financial privacy, security and wealth building in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands became the epicenter for fiduciary operations of international companies and an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and traders like West Indies Group Limited.

By the mid 80's, West Indies Group Ltd. rapidly grew to become a large provider of fiduciary and financial services managing a portfolio of over 720 corporate and trust clients. By the late 80’s the firm was diversified into automotive & marine holdings, and soft armor development for law enforcement and military applications.

Royal Armor was one of the first companies to embrace the use of a new aramid material called SpectraShield in soft body armor. When use in conjunction with Kevlar, the new Hybrid line of bullet resistant vests offered superior rear-face deformation performance reducing blunt force trauma from high energy bullets.

NIJ Test panel defeats 9mm to 44 Magnum rounds

In 2000, after surviving hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn, West Indies Group Limited divested its remaining Caribbean holdings, opting to repatriate with to the U.S. and focus on opportunities and expand interests in Nevada. Operations included corporate and trust structuring, and construction and mining support services under the umbrella of Sovereign Holdings Group Trust, which consolidated Caribbean-based interests and Nevada-based operations which later relocated to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Formation of OIW TRUST ASSOCIATES LLC in 2012 marked the beginning of the company's global reset which included the addition of Outpost Provisioning LLC October, 2014, and expansion of Middle East operations with organization of Diligent Outcome Partners Limited.

"When a client engages OIW, the client engages an entire team and global network of like-minded professionals who share a common approach of unconventional thinking and creativity applied in new ways to achieve a particular underlying purpose and desired result, beyond expectations!"