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What is the OIW Trust Associates LLC Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is performance based where an individual promotes or “links” customers to OIW Trust Associates LLC. The Affiliate Program helps monetize their relationships by earning a referral fee on each sale driven to OIW Trust Associates LLC

Who can be an Affiliate?
Anyone with a business aptitude can be an affiliate. The program is free to join and provides you with everything you need to earn referral fees right away.

How does it work?
Once your application has been approved you will be supplied with training and resources, and workshops for prospective customers.

To obtain a referral intake form application, send an email to oiwtrustassociates@protonmail.com with Referral Intake Form in the subject line.

Authorized Referral Agents 
  • Liaison Global Partners Ltd, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Mr. James Ives, Rochester, NY