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Domicile in the U.S.A.

Move to the United States Without Ever Leaving Your Home…

With the State of Wyoming and the Assistance of 
OIW Trust Associates LLC 

To achieve your goals and objectives in connection with domiciling in the U.S.A., you will need to form a Wyoming company and for non-U.S. clients, the Limited Liability Company is our preferred choice. You can be the sole owner-the single member or if you have an established company in your country, it can be the owner.

Steps To Establishing Your U.S.A. Wyoming Domicile and Nexus 

Establishing your Wyoming corporation or LLC is only the first step of establishing a nexus of business activity in Wyoming.
  • Establish a Wyoming corporation or LLC, and appoint your Wyoming Registered Agent (required by law) which establishes the company's official address in Wyoming at your registered agent's address.
  • Establish your company’s principal business presence with a “Virtual Office” and a Wyoming phone/fax number (307 area code) and mail services.
  • Open a Company bank account (subject to bank acceptance) and/or utilize our Escrow Account to receive company money and make company disbursement.