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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Vows 65% Estate Tax - The Asset Protection Sector is HOT and Wyoming is on Fire!

"Now, with populist flair, she wants a 50%, 55%, and 65% rate. The 50% rate applies to estates worth over $10 million per person, 55% for estates over $50 million, and 65% for estates exceeding $500 million."

It can force sales of family companies, and sales of family farms and ranches...and more!

The top 1% of households -- defined as bringing in more than $730,000 a year -- would see their tax burden go up by more than $78,000 on average, according to an analysis of Clinton's original tax plan from the Tax Policy Center.

Wyoming Respectfully Disagrees!

The Asset Protection and State Income Tax Sector is HOT and Wyoming is on Fire!

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