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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gold and Silver are on the Move - If you want my opinion, now is a great time to buy gold

I believe now is one of the best times in the past two decades to be a U.S. dollar based tangible asset investor…period.


We are at the bottom of gold investor sentiment for quite some time. Frankly, gold is reviled right now.

Since gold hit its all-time high over $1,900 per ounce in September of 2011, the gold market has been quite weak. And, the stock market has been on a tear.

As a result, we’ve seen a number of firms go out of business and many more struggle not to follow suit. In the process, profit margins have been trimmed to the bone. This is a buyer’s market.

That’s excellent news for gold buyers.

Key technical resistance around $1,180.00 per ounce to the downside has held despite repeated assaults.

Around $1,180 per ounce is key technical resistance for gold and the bears can’t seem to hold below this technical resistance level.

The U.S. dollar is strong but is under assault.

As discussed in our "IMF October Surprise" and other factors, moves afoot that may replace or significantly dilute thee U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And, when that happens, everything changes (including your standard of living) which will shift drastically to the downside.

That’s excellent news for gold buyers.

Between January 2, 2009 and December 31, 2012, the price of gold increased over 90%, while the price of silver increased over 160%. In addition, there is a compelling argument for silver investing because the economic and monetary fundamentals in place today are even more bullish than the conditions of the 1970s when the silver price exceeded $50 per ounce. Yet today's market prices, at well below the $50 level, are a mere fraction of levels projected by silver industry experts for the future.

Worldwide market demand for silver is growing, while supplies of silver are quickly disappearing.

New high-tech uses for silver will further strain already-tight supplies in the future. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production and has every year since 1990, depleting above-ground stockpiles of silver. The U.S. government, once the largest stockpiler of silver on the planet, dumped billions and billions of ounces of silver onto the world market over the years, resulting in depressed silver prices. Today, that government silver hoard is gone, and now the U.S. government is a buyer of silver at prevailing world silver prices.

For these reasons and many more, the silver market certainly appears to represent an outstanding investing opportunity.


Compare your price to ours and consider the buying opportunity that we offer... 
  • The Vietnam Dong: 0.0000570240 (Fifth Third Bank)
  • The China Yuan: 0.1828400000 (Fifth Third Bank)
Please see Metals pricing below (which is subject to change):

1 oz. 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar-NGC MS63 @  $59

1 oz. Pre 33 Gold Saint Gaudens NGC MS64 @ $1575.00

1 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs @  Spot + $35

1 oz. Provident Gold Bars @ Spot + $12

1 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leafs @ Spot +$3

715 oz. "Junk Silver" US Coins, $1000 Face Value @ Spot + $2.50

1 oz. Provident Silver Bars @
Spot + .95

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