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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Silver Mine Supply Is Running Out of Steam...In 2015, silver demand should tick higher

WSJ 8:33 am ET
May 6, 201 

After 12 straight years of gains, global silver production is expected to fall in 2015 as lower prices take a toll.

Silver mine production rose 5% in 2014 to reach 877.5 million ounces, the 12th successive gain and a new record, according to the World Silver Survey, published by industry lobby group The Silver Institute and metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS.

But this year will see silver output decline amid a dearth of new mines and as aging operations see their production fall, the report said.

“We’re just not seeing the investment in new mine capacity that would be needed to sustain continued record peak production,” said Andrew Leyland, an analyst with GFMS who worked on the report.
Falling silver prices are behind the trend. Silver prices tumbled 20% in 2014, and fell 36% in 2013, exceeding the losses in gold and other precious metals. In the year through Tuesday silver prices rose 6.2% but remain close to the five-year low of $15.365 a troy ounce set in March.

Read entire story, http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2015/05/06/silver-mine-supply-is-running-out-of-steam/


Dr. Raymond E. Lombra, Professor of Economics at Penn State University, has just completed another evaluation of data on the performance of rare American coins over the past 36 years. Previously, Professor Lombra had conducted a similar analysis for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. House and Senate.

2014 Findings

Over a 36 year period, high-end rare gold coins are the place to be. It is quality that counts. Always choose quality rare coins over a truck full of lesser metals. Rarity breeds success in this market. High-end rare gold coins can not only outperform stocks, but prove to be a great addition to an investment portfolio.

Over the best three-year period, Professor Lombra found that, far and away, rare gold coins were the place to be. High-end rare gold coins outperformed all other assets classes during their best three years.

The best one-year performance vehicle data showed staggering results for rare coins. Nothing else came close.

The results continue to suggest that over the longer run, including rare U.S. coins within an existing portfolio could improve investment performance.

Most importantly, when compared to stocks, rare coins are less volatile/risky without sacrificing overall return.

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